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The Migus Group is a systems integrator helping organizations strengthen their security posture by unlocking the potential of their existing enterprise apps. We believe that there is no one-size-fits-all solution to access management and cyber threat prevention, and organizations are distracted by new products that might not fit their needs.

By combining software engineering, security and management consulting, The Migus Group can build the most effective software solutions to meet users' needs. The Migus Group's broad industry knowledge and diverse expertise can help businesses plan and execute holistic, strategic roadmaps for integrating products with the third-party applications and platforms that their customers currently use.

Our Expertise

πŸ” Identity and Access Management β€” Manage user access and secure data with identity governance and administration solutions.

πŸ” Privilege Access Management (PAM) β€” Identify your critical resources and leverage industry best practices to secure your company's assets

πŸ“ˆ Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) β€” Identify, centralize and categorize security-related data in real-time in order to recognize incidents as soon as possible

πŸ§‘β€πŸ’» DevSecOps β€” Introduce security into your application development life cycle in order to minimize potential vulnerabilities before deployment

πŸ’» IT Operations Management β€” Deploy and monitor your devices, applications and networks

Why The Migus Group?


Our partners are thoughtfully selected and vetted to ensure top quality solutions


Migus Group delivers solutions that work instantly β€” speed and efficiency are always a priority

Extensible Solutions

Our software solutions will serve as a solid foundation security foundation for your business. They're designed to be built upon


Our expertise doesn't stop at software deployment. We provide the "why" behind solutions as well as strategic insights to guide your security development

Our Partners

Our perspectives on identity and access management, DevSecOps and more...

MFA vs. 2FA: What’s the Difference? β€” August 16, 2022

Because single-factor authentication has proven to be relatively easy to compromise, two-factor authentication (2FA) and multifactor authentication (MFA) have emerged as more secure options. Read on to learn about common authentication types, the differences in MFA vs. 2FA and more

Why Every Leader Should Understand Zero Standing Privilege β€” August 9, 2022

Zero standing privilege (ZSP) is a security policy that no users should be pre-assigned any administrative account privileges. Instead, with ZSP, users’ privileges are assigned at the moment of the attempt to authenticate β€” not beforehand and not by default.

Universal 2nd Factor (U2F): The Importance of Security Keys β€” August 3, 2022

Universal 2nd Factor (U2F) is a physical authentication device that uses encryption and private keys to protect and unlock supported accounts. Read on to understand their significance

5 Best Practices of Open-Source Management β€” July 19, 2022

Open-source management essentially means keeping the project up to date so that it is compatible with the latest version of the various third-party libraries, frameworks and software that it uses. It’s equally important to be mindful of good, strong security measures.

Authentication vs. Authorization: What’s the Difference? β€” July 12, 2022

Though used interchangeably (and erroneously), authentication and authorization are separate but related steps in the user access provision process. Read on for a thorough comparison of authentication vs. authorization.

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