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2FA: Benefits of Two-Factor Authentication — June 28, 2022

2FA is a vital security tool for organizations to defend themselves against cyberattacks that have grown in both quantity and sophistication. Read on to learn about the benefits of two-factor authentication

Understanding Privileged Access Management — April 18, 2022

Privileged access management is a strategy incorporating policies and processes for the provisioning and monitoring of elevated access to critical resources within the enterprise in order to improve enterprise security.

The Top 16 Cybersecurity Terms To Know To Secure Your Business — March 31, 2022

While a cybersecurity program is important to protect your company’s devices, apps and data, it’s worth your while to first understand common cybersecurity terms (and the IT industry in general).

What Is a Cybersecurity Program, and Why Does My Company Need One? — March 18, 2022

A cybersecurity program is a strategy to protect an organization’s data, applications, end points and networks. For many companies, these are the most important assets; therefore, a breach could have damaging and far-reaching consequences.

Zero Standing Privilege — July 20, 2021

Zero Standing Privilege helps reduce the risk of a data breach and hacked accounts/systems by ensuring no one has automatic trust, and that trust (and privilege) is only granted for the length of time needed to perform the task.

Helping Thycotic Deliver Kubernetes Integrations — July 14, 2020

The Migus group is pleased to announce our partnership with Thycotic, in which we helped deliver Kubernetes and key integrations, and SDKS for their Privileged Access Management solutions.

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