Our Services

The Migus Group understands the complex, shifting security needs of large enterprises. We know that Privileged Access Management cannot be deployed with just a few clicks. Where necessary, we also provide robust, custom integrations for the entire software development lifecycle.


Before program design and implementation, a thorough assessment is required to understand your enterprise’s unique security challenges, as well as those of your customers, suppliers and industry at large.

Too often, a reseller or integrator will dive right in with implementation without fully understanding an organization’s needs. This invariably leads to either an incomplete solution or the reverse, too elaborate—and costly—a solution. For the right fit, an assessment is a must.

Software Engineering

Off-the-shelf solutions are a great start, but they need customization and ongoing management in order to truly unlock their potential.

To that end, The Migus Group designs easily extensible and maintainable codebases that will help you control the systems, including any risk that comes with changes to your organization. Our goal is to take your system much further than the usual “feature complete” expectation with an increased security posture.

The Migus Group will enable you to measure the quality and verify the precision of our software, both on delivery and for the lifetime of our working arrangement.

We promise to deliver readable and testable code that your developers can understand, and we stand by the quality of our code and integrations by offering long-term support contracts that serve to extend the work of your in-house security resources.


Most consultants just look at the problems or fail points in your practices and processes.

At The Migus Group, we look at the whole picture.

We’ll not only identify bottlenecks but also provide you with roadmaps and insights on best practices—not just for your industry but for all industries facing similar security pressures.

We’ll help you get to the root cause of a problem (with organizational development tools and techniques) and take action on solving the issues that need attention. With our guidance, you’ll understand what’s working and what’s not. We want you to lean into your strengths and scale your solutions accordingly.

We aim to help you create products your employees and customers will love, instead of just giving them the bare minimum.

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