At the Migus Group, we have proven experience in helping companies develop scalable processes and build scalable software solutions for their users. We can help you design and implement robust solutions that will help your business level-up time and time again, for years to come.

Software Engineering


It often sounds too good to be true, but software that “just works” isn’t a fairy tale.

Our extensive experience in designing easily extensible and maintainable codebases will help you control the risk in any change to your systems, and take it much further than the usual “feature complete” expectation.

We will enable you to measure the quality and verify the correctness of our software, both on delivery and for the lifetime of our working arrangement.

We promise to deliver readable and testable code that your developers can understand, allowing you the option to transition to self-support with in-house staff, should you wish. We stand by the quality of our work by offering low-cost support contracts, and not some locked-in high priced continual development contract.

If you are looking for a robust software solution that you can extend and scale, we’d love to jump on a call with you.


You may have found that some professionals are developers with some security chops, or the inverse, security professionals with some development chops. At the Migus Group, we are truly blended; we have built our careers writing software that solves security problems.

We’ll happily have our work be the subject of security testing. And we will work with your testing team (or introduce you to our security testing partners) to ensure the quality of our software is of the highest standard.


Most consultants just look at the problems or fail points in your practice and processes. But at the Migus Group, we look at the whole picture. We’ll not only identify bottlenecks but also best-practices. The chances are that you are already doing a lot right, and we will help you not only identify the root causes of a problem (with organizational development tools and techniques) and action on those issues that need attention but also help you identify all the things you are already doing right, so you can lean into your strengths to help you scale your solutions.

We aim to help you create products your users will love, instead of just giving them what they want. If you want to be an industry and thought leader through your software solutions, we’d love to hear from you.