Secure your data with MFA

Block 99.9% of account compromise attacks and avoid a data breach with MFA

The Risk

MFA is no longer optional

Phishing attacks remain the primary mechanism for credential compromise, which puts your company and customers’ data at risk.

Furthermore, phishing attacks have increased by 220% since the first phase of lockdowns in 2020.[1] Worse, 55% of US organizations experienced at least one successful phishing attack last year, leading to credential compromise.[2]

Why Use MFA?

Safeguarding from phishing and ransomware

Using MFA will reduce the likelihood of account compromise by 99.9%, according to Alex Weinert, Director of Identity Security at Microsoft.[3]

With up to 51% of passwords being reused, adding in MFA—or going completely passwordless—significantly reduces the risk of compromise due to compromised credentials.[4]

Cybersecurity insurance providers are now offering discounts to organizations that have MFA implemented, and some even require it to underwrite policies.

60% of small- and medium-sized businesses will shut down within six months of an attack due to the financial costs and loss of business associated with a breach.[5]

Choosing the Right MFA for Your Business

Trusted expertise from industry professionals

Implementing MFA to secure your domain and admin accounts can be daunting.

The Migus Group can help you choose the correct implementation for your business and your customers; whether it be a software solution, hardware keys, or biometrics, we have the experience to quickly guide you through securing your business and data.

MFA doesn’t have to be expensive, and it doesn’t have to be complicated or cumbersome for your users.

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