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The Burden of Credentials

The true cost of a data breach

The average ransomware breach cost is $4.62 million, slightly higher than the average data breach of $4.24 million. In 2021, the United States had the highest average total cost of a data breach at $9.05 million.[1]

In the Healthcare industry alone, the number of confirmed data breaches increased by 58% within the last year.[2] The average total cost for the sector also increased from $7.13 million in 2020 to $9.23 million in 2021.[1]

Furthermore, 37% of all breaches involved using stolen credentials[2], with 82% of users admitting that they reuse passwords across various accounts.[1]

Data breaches are not just becoming more prevalent, but the overall impact is worsening. Credentials remain a high-value target for breach, so securing your privileged and application accounts with a PAM solution remains one of the most effective ways to secure your business.

The Benefits of PAM

More than just a password vault

Privileged access management (PAM) is vital to any enterprise security strategy. The successful management, provisioning, and monitoring of elevated access to critical resources within an organization are paramount in strengthening your cybersecurity posture.

A successful PAM strategy doesn’t just ward off cyber criminals but reduces complexity and helps employees do their jobs better.

Reduce Complexity

Improve Productivity

Ensures Compliance

Monitor and Respond to Incidents

Delegated Access and Approval Flows

Secure Vault

Taking the Next Step

Trusted expertise from industry professionals

The Migus Group understands the complex, shifting security needs of large enterprises.

We know that Privileged Access Management cannot be deployed with just a few clicks. Where necessary, we also provide robust, custom integrations for the entire software development lifecycle.

Whether you’re just starting or your PAM has been in place for years, The Migus Group can advise on strategies to strengthen your organization’s security posture while reducing complexity.

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