Safeguard Your Business with Protect

Cyber Resilience Made Accessible for Every Business

Protect is a security solution made for small businesses like yours. In today’s world, cyber-attacks are getting smarter and more common. Protect is the basic level of security you need to protect your business. It provides an alternative to other security services you may have heard about but aren’t sure if you really need.

The Benefits of Protect

Cost-Effective Protection for Small Businesses
Reduce Account Comprimise

Improved Security: With Protect, your business gets protection against the most common cyber-attack types.

Reduce Account Comprimise

Industry Compliance: Protect helps you meet your industry's regulations and cybersecurity requirements "out of the box".

Reduce Account Comprimise

Lower Risk: By protecting your business from the most common threats, the risk to your business's financial stability and data is greatly reduced.

Reduce Account Comprimise

Affordable: Protect gives you best-practice security for a low cost, so even small businesses can get the protection they need.

Protect is the minimum baseline of security every small business requires in today’s risky cyber environment. But it’s just the start - we offer more advanced tiers that are built on top of Protect for comprehensive protection.

Key Features

Robust Security Without Complexity

Password Management

Using strong, unique passwords is critical for security. A password management solution stores all your company’s passwords safely and makes sure they are strong and not reused. This helps prevent hackers from guessing your passwords. You will also be able to share them safely and securely with your team, so your team always has access to what they need, when they need it.

Secure DNS

DNS (Domain Name System) is how computers find websites. Hackers sometimes try to attack DNS to break into networks. Protect’s secure DNS feature stops DNS attacks, keeping your company network safe.

Optional Functionality

Single Sign-On (SSO)

SSO lets your employees use one set of login details for many applications. This is convenient and also more secure because it allows you to use one trusted login to access all your business applications for day-to-day work.

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

Newer applications often require MFA (more than just a password) to log in. However, older applications may not have this option built in. Protect’s MFA adds this important security layer to those old applications.

Email/SPAM Protection

Email can be a way for hackers to get into your systems. Protect’s email security protects you from spam, phishing scams, and malware sent through email. Phishing scams remain one of the most common ways in which businesses are compromised.


Priceless Peace of Mind

Our Protect level solution start as low as $7 per user per month, making robust cybersecurity accessible even for small businesses with limited budgets. This cost-effective pricing model ensures that you don’t have to compromise on security due to financial constraints. Invest in Protect and gain peace of mind knowing your organization is protected against prevalent cyber threats.

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